For those who have attended previous Crawls, you will have a pretty good idea of the set-up. Stroll along the downtown, pop-in to shops along the way, view some art, eat some food, sip some drinks, take in a little night music…the perfect recipe for a cultural win.

Only this year is taking the idea of Crawl to a whole other level. For one thing…it’s bigger. Over 100 artists, 20 musicians (not including Collingwood buskers), and 27 venues will be participating on the night of the 26th. “We have musicians playing inside and outside under tents. So you’ll be able to walk down, get something to eat and drink at each location and listen to the music, talk to the artists who are in those locations. There is also a closing party at Duncan’s Cafe at 9pm, with Superstack performing, which should be an awesome evening close.”

It is also taking on a bit of a different approach, calling upon more involvement from the audience throughout the evening. Says Rinaldo, “We are trying to make it as interactive as possible so that you’re not just looking at a 2D piece of art; you are actually visiting the artist, you’re seeing their work. You’re experiencing live music, graffiti, dress painting, the Art Battle; all of the different things going on.”

Last year's after party at Studio 65

“For the graffiti installation, we are constructing a 10ft x 16ft board, and artist Blaze Wiradharma will be coming up a couple of days prior to start working on it, but the three hours within the timeframe of the Crawl, he’ll be finishing it, and it is a reflection of the bee problem that we are having. So it’s called “Beehave”; it’s very, very cool – we’ve got the rendering for it already and this is something that is really important to this community and to me. And so I thought it was important that Collingwood show it’s camaraderie, and connection with what is going on. So this would be the first, of hopefully many installations that we will be doing; not towards the honey bees but just graffiti in itself.”

A new venue this year, The Collingwood Public Library will have it’s doors open to the public and will be featuring one of the many installations, as well as music. Two other locations – Awear and Cora Boutique, are both hosting dress painting. So a person will be in a dress; vintage or otherwise, and the artist will be painting something on that dress during the evening, which should be amazing as well.”

The Venues

What was the process like, pairing the artists with the venues?

“Every location was invited to be involved; some I asked, some asked me. So it’s open to everybody. It’s an open invitation for all artists, all musicians; I had two artists who contacted me, one from Hamilton and one from Toronto because they saw the ads that I was putting out. They were actually born here, grew up, and have been long gone, but would like to come back into the community and be apart of it, which I thought was fabulous. And we’ve got four incredible musicians coming from Mulmur. Dufferin County Museum and Archives are sponsoring all the musicians this year, which is amazing.”

For any artists still looking to be apart of the Crawl, it’s not too late.

“Artists are more than welcome to come in. I can provide them with a tent if they don’t have a location – The BIA has said that they will provide us with any tents that we need for the Main Street and we can just pop them up, and have them go under a tent. They can go outside of The Tremont as well, there is lots of room there; everybody’s welcome.”

And for anyone who is in the area the two weeks before the Crawl, head down to the Farmer’s Market for some pre-Crawl entertainment.

“Two weeks prior (September 12th) to the Art Crawl, I will be hosting an Art Battle at the Farmer’s Market; a Junior and a Senior (10-16 and 17+). The two groups will be battling separately, side-by-side. So we will have a battle in one weekend, everybody votes, two people go on, and battle the following weekend, everybody votes, two people win, go on, and the last battle will be at 7pm in front of the Town Hall on Art Crawl night. So that is another installation part of the Art Crawl.”


As for future Crawls? Well, they won’t be winding down anytime soon.

“Well the Town is really pushing to have this as a major event, just like Sarnia, Toronto [Queen Street], and Hamilton. Next year, they want to close down the street. I am still doing all of this myself, so next year if that does happen I’ll have to have committees. The hope is that it will keep expanding. My vision is to see the entire street closed-off, between second and third, and I would love to see squatters – people just pulling-up on the evening, pop-up their tent, put their blanket down, put up their table, and showcase their art. If there is a 7 year old who has been aspiring to show their work, I want them involved. So, open to absolutely everybody.”

Art Battle 2015

Speaking of nurturing young talent, Rinaldo has also put together the first annual Foot Fetish gallery show, taking place at The Arts Centre on Hurontario Street in Collingwood, for the month of September.

“It’s going to be really fun. It is a square foot show (canvas size) with proceeds going towards the art awards for Jean Vanier and for CCI. It’s a Dutch Auction – super cool; instead of a silent auction, where you bid up, we’re starting the pieces at 150$, and you bid down. So what happens is, is that everything starts at 150$, if you said I want this piece right now, you can buy it and have it for 150$. Or, you can wait for the first increment to go down, but somebody may buy it in that second. So it gives a far-different energy, and bidding is actually going to be from your phone or on your computer, allowing anybody to bid from around the world. So it’s a very cool concept. It’s like watching something on eBay that you want, but you’re not bidding up, you’re bidding down. So that’s the only difference.”

The show opens on the 2nd of September, and closing bids will be on the 26th of September, so make sure to check out the show while pieces are still available!

To contact Andrea, or for more information on the Foot Fetish show or the Collingwood Art Crawl, visit the official Collingwood Art Crawl website.

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